Casper Ghosts moving to Grand Junction, CO for 2012 season

The Casper Ghosts will be moving to Grand Junction, CO for the 2012 season pending a City Council vote tonight.  The Rockies bought the team last year with the intention of moving them to Grand Junction in the future.  The team will be called the Grand Junction Rockies for now, with a more permanent name selected by the 2013 season.

Casper is a rather small market and had trouble drawing fans.  There were issues with the field conditions there as well.  Grand Junction is a bigger market and a little bit closer (although it looks like the drive time is still about the same from Denver to their Pioneer League affiliate).  So it looks like Wyoming will be without affiliated baseball for now.

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4 Responses to Casper Ghosts moving to Grand Junction, CO for 2012 season

  1. Jerrod Heil says:

    Hello, heard about this few weeks ago talking with another ball player in Florida, I live in the GJ area and wondering if there has been any word on a possible open tryout for the Grand Junction Rockies and if so dates? Please let me know, thank you.

  2. Mike McCann says:

    Since the major league teams are the ones responsible for holding tryouts, I would recommend contacting the Rockies and asking if they are planning any open tryouts in the area.

  3. creighton matthews says:

    hey, i am really interested in seeing if there is going to be any try outs for the team please leave me a e-mail message. thank you creighton

  4. kyle caldwell says:

    please email me if any open tryouts come up

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