Lynchburg Hillcats moving to Wilmington, NC in 2014?

The Braves are looking at putting their High A affiliate in Wilmington, North Carolina and the way they would make that happen would be to purchase the Lynchburg Hillcats and move the franchise.  Wilmington is working on plans to build a new stadium which would be ready for the 2014 season.  The Braves own all of their other affiliates, so this would complete their set.

I think that if this were to happen that the South Atlantic League or Appalachian League would be a good fit to take their place.  There has been talk about the SAL teams in Savannah and Hagerstown looking for new homes for years, so this could be a possibility.  And if that didn’t work out, I’m sure that one of the Appalachian League teams would love to have a facility like that which had a significant renovation for the 2004 season.  I also think that this would renew discussion about moving two teams from the California League to the Carolina League because two stadiums that had Carolina League teams in 2011 (Lynchburg and Kinston) would be available.

There is still a lot that needs to happen here, so don’t count on this just yet.

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