Syracuse, Harrisburg and Auburn extend PDC with Nationals to 2014

The Washington Nationals have extended their player development contracts with 3 teams: Syracuse Chiefs (AAA), Harrisburg Senators (AA), and Auburn Doubledays (Short Season A).

The Nationals decided to stay in Syracuse rather than get involved in the negotiations that could involve a number of affiliate shifts.  I can see the Blue Jays and Mets trying to both have New York AAA affiliates, so if I were the Twins, I would lock in with Rochester before the season is out.  The Blue Jays and Mets could then fight over Buffalo with the loser likely in Las Vegas.

For AAA, currently there are 14 of 30 PDCs that expire at the end of 2012.

The extension with Harrisburg isn’t that shocking as the Expos/Nationals have been there for so long and the stadium has been recently renovated.  There has been talk about the Nationals looking at Richmond instead, but there has been little movement on a new stadium there.

For AA, currently there are 15 of 30 PDCs that expire at the end of 2012.

The Nationals also decided to stay in Auburn after relocating their affiliate from Vermont for 2011, so things must be working well for them.

The article I linked above says that the Nationals extended their PDC with Potomac as well, but the information I had from September 2010 indicated that they already had an extension to 2014.  And interestingly, there are stories about the PDC extensions on the Syracuse, Harrisburg and Auburn webpages, but not Potomac.

For Short Season A, currently there are 15 of 22 PDCs that expire at the end of 2012.

The other interesting thing that you can gather from this story is that Hagerstown is notably absent.  I think that’s mainly because of the uncertainty in their stadium situation.  They had announced that they were planning on moving to Winchester, VA for 2013, but the town voted down a stadium plan this week, so that looks much less likely, although they still have until next month to work out plans.

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