Bristol White Sox now Pirates Affiliate

The Pittsburgh Pirates have agreed to an affiliation with the Bristol White Sox in the Appalachian League.  I assume that the team will be renamed the Bristol Pirates, but that hasn’t been announced yet.  I’m not surprised by this since the White Sox also have a Rookie affiliate in the Pioneer League with Great Falls, and I somewhat expect the Royals to give up their Appy League affiliate also.

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2 Responses to Bristol White Sox now Pirates Affiliate

  1. tim815 says:

    Your comment on the Royals contemplating giving up their Appy team intrigues me. I’m a writer on a Cubs blog practically begging for the team to add an Appy or Pioneer League team.

    Can you send me a source where I can learn more on teams wanting to leave either league. Thanks in advance.

  2. Mike McCann says:

    I’m not aware of any good sources for that sort of information. I am speculating that since the Royals have two teams at the same level, that it would make sense for them to give up one of the two teams, just as the White Sox did. I’ve thought for a long time that it would make more sense to standardize at the lowest levels so that there were thirty teams at each and you wouldn’t have some organizations with a different number of affiliates than others, but I don’t know if that would ever happen.

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