Dodgers affiliating with Oklahoma?

There are reports that the Oklahoma RedHawks will be bought by a group that has contains one of the owners of the Dodgers and that they will become a Dodgers affiliate next season.  The Dodgers were looking for other options, so it looks like they found one.  Previously there was talk of the Rangers going to Oklahoma City, but it now looks like that won’t happen.

Based on information I’ve seen and some of my guesses, here’s what I suspect may happen with the AAA affiliations that expire this year:
Durham – Tampa BayNorfolk – Baltimore
Pawtucket – Boston
Rochester – Minnesota/NY Mets/Milwaukee
Albuquerque – Houston
Colorado Springs – Colorado
El Paso – San Diego
Fresno – Minnesota/NY Mets/Milwaukee
Las Vegas – Minnesota/NY Mets/Milwaukee
Nashville – Oakland
Oklahoma – LA Dodgers
Sacramento – San Francisco
Tacoma – Seattle

I think it will be a fight for Fresno and Rochester with the odd man out going to Las Vegas.  It is interesting to have this many affiliation swaps after things being fairly stable for a while.

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2 Responses to Dodgers affiliating with Oklahoma?

  1. Kurt Pickering says:

    Mike, just saw that Lakewood and Philly have extended through 2016. Kinda curious about your Nashville observation. – why would Milwaukee want out when there’s a new stadium (finally) on the way?

  2. Jim Blowers says:

    The Rochester Red Wings and Minnesota Twins signed a PDC on 2014 August 25. I am also curious as to how our why the Brewers would let go of the Sounds.

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