Northwest Arkansas Naturals extend PDC with Royals to 2020

The Northwest Arkansas Naturals have extended their player development contract with the Royals to 2020.  I know teams on the west coast want to have their AA affiliate in the Texas League, but as there are only eight teams, a number get left out.  And of those eight, four of them are from the Texas and Missouri teams as they generally overlap the footprint.  One interesting rumor I recently saw was that San Antonio is going to make a push for a AAA team, with Colorado Springs likely being the team that moved there.  As a result, the Missions would move to Amarillo, TX.  I don’t know how likely this move would be, but it could end up that the Padres AA affiliate is in Amarillo, just as it was in 1982.  I always said that the minor league team movement is one big cycle where a market that loses a team often ends up with another eventually.  It would just be about 35 years for Amarillo.  And Colorado Springs may not be without a team as the Helena Brewers are rumored to complete the shift, as the two teams share common ownership.

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