Harrisburg Senators Autographs – April 17, 2016

Chris Michalak, Chris Bostick and Kevin Keyes Autographed Cards

Chris Michalak, Chris Bostick and Kevin Keyes Autographed Cards

Normally, when I try to get autographs before games, I generally find myself on the visitor side because most people at the game are trying to get autographs from the home team.  This wasn’t the case in the Reading-Harrisburg game I attended on Sunday.

Actually, my general strategy is to focus on the team that I have the most cards from, as it gives me the highest chance of autographs.  If I have the card of the pitching coach on one team, I’ll start there because he’s usually one of the first out.  The starting pitcher and catcher are also out early, but starting pitchers rarely sign prior to games in which they are pitching.

I only had one card between the six coaches of the two teams, Harrisburg Pitching Coach Chris Michalak.  I was able to get his autograph at this game.  But while I was on the Senators side, I noticed that there were many more people on the Reading side than the Harrisburg side.  I figure that there are a few main reasons for that.  Probably the biggest factor is that the Phillies have a number of highly rated prospects in their system, and at AA Reading specifically.  It is also not a far drive from Reading to Harrisburg, so on a nice day, a number of Reading fans will come to see their team in an away game.  The other factor would be that I believe that a majority of people in the Harrisburg area are Phillies fans.

The other two autographs I was able to get before the game were 2B Chris Bostick and OF Kevin Keyes.  Bostick is listed as the #30 prospect in the Nationals system.  It is always appreciated that they take some time out to sign a few autographs for the fans.

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