Wilmington Blue Rocks and Potomac Nationals Autographs – April 24, 2016

001At the game between the Blue Rocks and Nationals, I was able to get some autographs.  I had cards of some of the Blue Rocks coaches as they had previously played in the major leagues.  I was able to get an autograph from Manager Jamie Quirk and Hitting Coach Abraham Nunez.  I have many Quirk cards, so that part was easy.  But Nunez didn’t play until after I had stopped collecting cards when I was younger, so that one was tougher.  He was a Blue Rocks coach last year also, so I was scanning eBay for a reasonably priced card and never came across one.  The other thing that I had to watch out for was that around the same time, there was another player named Abraham Nunez in the majors.  And I did witness last year the request of him to sign the card of the other player, to which he had to say that it wasn’t him.  Anyway, I happened to see a card of the right Abraham Nunez come up cheap a few months ago, so I was able to get it before the season started since I saw that he would be coaching the Blue Rocks again this season.

I was also able to get an autograph from Nationals 3B Drew Ward at the game.  I was hoping to make an autograph request prior to the game, but at the time the players were returning to the dugout from stretching, the elementary school kids that were singing the national anthem were lined up down the third base side between the players and the stands.  But since the Nationals won the game in 12 innings, I didn’t think it was unreasonable to ask for an autograph as he was going between the dugout and clubhouse tunnel after the game.  And he was nice enough to oblige.

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