New Orleans Zephyrs extend PDC with Marlins to 2020

The New Orleans Zephyrs have extended their player development contract with the Marlins to 2020.  The Zephyrs also announced that they will be changing their name for the 2017 season and voting is currently in progress for that new name.  With this announcement, there are now 8 teams that have their PDCs end this season.  There are only a few that I could see changing though (Colorado Springs, Fresno, Las Vegas, Rochester).  There has been talk about Colorado Springs relocating to San Antonio with the Missions then going to Amarillo, and if that is the case, I could see the Astros affiliating with Colorado Springs and then playing in San Antonio once the ballpark situation is in place.  But that would only happen if they were to move in before the 2019 season, which currently seems plausible.

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