New Kissimmee franchise signs PDC with Braves to 2020

The new Kissimmee franchise in the Florida State League have signed a player development contract with the Braves to 2020.  There are now 6 PDCs that expire at the end of the season at the High A level.

Based on the name the team entries, it appears that the team will be known as the Florida ‘something’.  Personally, I prefer when teams use the city names that they play in rather than going by the state they are in, since the Florida team in the Florida State League where all teams are in Florida doesn’t really make sense to me.

With this announcement, here’s how I would project the rest of the High A affiliations to play out:

Charlotte stays with the Rays

Wilmington stays with the Royals

New Carolina League that eventually goes to Fayetteville will be the Astros affiliate

Modesto becomes the Mariners affiliate (they are expected to purchase the team)

Lancaster becomes the Rockies affiliate (as they want to stay in the California League)

Carolina Mudcats become the Brewers affiliate (since that’s what’s left)

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