New Kissimmee Team is Florida Fire Frogs

The new Kissimmee team that is the relocated Brevard County Manatees will be known as the Florida Fire Frogs.  I think the Fire Frogs name is interesting and works well for a minor league team, but I still can’t get past that they are the Florida Fire Frogs.  The Florida team in the Florida State League where every team is in Florida just makes no sense to me.  I realize that they do it because they want to make it appear that the team isn’t localized to Kissimmee and claim a larger market (Orlando), but I don’t agree with the approach.  I think there will be more people who were to say that they don’t know where the Florida team is from (where in the state of Florida, of course), instead of people not wanting to go to a game because of the a city name attached to the team.  If it was for the alliteration, then I could see more reason behind the choice.  I know that everything is done for marketing and to try to bring in the most money, but at the same time, there has to be some space to eliminate confusion and make it clear what is going on.  I’m a diehard fan, so I know many of the subtle details, but when I hear the misinformation that other fans are discussing around me at games, it just makes me think about how there are some very small changes that would make it easier for the casual fan to understand what was going on.

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