Wilmington Blue Rocks Open Batting Practice – April 4, 2017

On Tuesday, April 4, the Wilmington Blue Rocks held an open batting practice where fans could come into the stadium to watch and also get autographs.  Throughout the event, there was a table on the concourse where a number of players signed autographs.  I was able to meet quite a few players, but I also got autographs on the three cards of the players which I had.  Not coincidentally, I had cards of the players who were the highest draft picks, Foster Griffin, Chase Vallot and Scott Blewett.

One thing that I was disappointed about was that the Blue Rocks roster wasn’t posted online the day before the event.  Their webpage was not updated for the 2017 roster until that day.  Luckily, I decided to grab cards of any of the Royals players who are at the lower levels since I wasn’t sure who was going to be there and was able to get autographs from all three players on the team whose cards I had.

While they have had this event in past years, this was my first time in attendance, and I plan on going back again next season.

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