Autographs from Buies Creek – Potomac Game – June 30, 2017

One of the nice features of going to a game where there are few attendees is that it is a little easier to get the attention of players for autographs.  From my experience, when there is one or two people trying to get an autograph, the players are more likely to stop and sign, since they know it will be very quick to please everyone.  At the Buies Creek Astros game, it was me and two others trying to get some autographs.  With the expanded netting in most ballparks, it is tougher to find an area where you can access the players.  And I am concerned that with the safety push to expand the netting from foul pole to foul pole that it will eliminate the tradition of pregame autographs (although I did find one way around it which I’ll talk about in another post).  At Buies Creek, there is a small area by the right field foul pole where fans can stand for autographs.  And the best feature is that players from both teams need to walk in by the right field foul pole, so they all have to walk right past that area making it a good opportunity to meet the players.

I didn’t have many cards of the players for this game, but I was able to meet Potomac Nationals OF Victor Robles and C Taylor Gushue.  They were both more than willing to sign autographs.  Since Robles is a top prospect, I’m sure that he gets many autograph requests, so it’s definitely great that he signed a card for me.

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