Autographs from Down East – Myrtle Beach Game – July 1, 2017

A few years ago, I started picking up some current baseball cards when I could find them cheap online.  I generally stopped my collection about twenty years ago, but recently started adding to it again.  I will also pick up specific cards if I see that a player is doing an autograph signing, but for minor league games, I will bring cards of whoever I happen to have.  The problem with this approach is that if a team’s top prospect, like the Cubs’ Eloy Jimenez is signing before a game, I’m not able to get his card autographed because I don’t have one.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to get one ahead of time because I have no idea if I will see him at a game.  And if I don’t have something worth signing on me, like a baseball, it ends up being a missed opportunity.

However, just because I missed out on one player, doesn’t mean I didn’t have a good day getting autographs.  I was able to get autographs from three Down East coaches who played in the majors, Jeremy Moore, Bobby Rose and Howard Johnson.  I also got an autograph from Down East 3B Josh Morgan (the day before he was activated off of the disabled list) and the game’s starting pitcher for Myrtle Beach, Justin Steele.

There were a good number of people looking for autographs at this game, and a big reason was that they were playing the Cubs affiliate.  I have noticed that there has been a rise in popularity of the Cubs as the team improved over the last few years.

Grainger Stadium is also a good place for autographs of both teams because the locker rooms are both on the third base side and both teams need to enter the field in the same place.  As a result, you are able to see every player as they come onto the field.  All of the players were accommodating to every autograph request made, which is great to see.

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