Autographs from Reading – Portland Game – May 15, 2018

I always talk about Reading games as a great place for autographs and this was no exception.  I got to the game about 30 minutes before game time since they indicated that gates were opening 15 minutes before game time, but since the gates were open when I arrived, that put me in much better shape for autographs.

I started a little later than I normally would have since some of the players had already come out, but I was able to get cards signed by Portland 3B Jantzen Witte, coach Luke Montz, and pitchers Trey Ball and Jake Cosart as they walked from the locker room to the field before the game.  I started with the Portland side since I had more cards of their players with me.

Since it was a doubleheader, I thought that it would be a good idea to try to get some Fightin Phils autographs as they returned to the locker room following the first game.  My strategy worked as outfielder Cord Sandberg signed for me on his way out.

I hung around that general area, although in the stands next to where the players walk through, since it seems to work better than standing near the fence that they have set up for autograph seekers.  If you saw it, this would all make sense.  Returning from the locker room, the starting pitcher Franklyn Kilome stopped to sign an autograph for me.  I had met him last year also, but it’s nice to have some autographs from one of the Phillies top prospects.  Also on the way back to the field, I got signatures from outfielder Jan Hernandez and coach Rico Brogna.

I was also hoping to see if I could get the few cards I had remaining at the end of the game, but since it was heading to a rain delay and everyone was focused on getting out of the elements, I abandoned that plan.

Overall, it was another great experience and lots of fun to meet players and get some baseball cards signed.  I greatly appreciate their willingness to interact with the fans.

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