Autographs from Hartford – Altoona Game – June 3, 2018

I was able to get some Yard Goats autographs at the game I attended two weeks ago.  I decided that since I had more cards of the Hartford players that I would hang out on that side of the field.  They were staging the pregame on-field groups in that same area right next to the Yard Goats dugout and I was starting to get concerned that I was going to get shut out at the game.  As the players came out on to the field, Nelson Molina signed some autographs, but none of the other players came by, not that it was all that easy because of all of the other people on the field in that area.  But as the players came off of the field, Brian Mundell and Brendan Rodgers also signed autographs.  Many people started swarming Brendan Rodgers when he came over, since he is the Rockies top prospect, but it’s great to see his willingness to engage with the fans and sign some autographs.

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