Rochester Red Wings extend PDC with Twins to 2020

The Rochester Red Wings have extended their player development contract with the Twins to 2020.  The Red Wings have been a Twins affiliate since 2003.  This move makes it extremely difficult for the Nationals to keep their AAA affiliate in the International League because I think that it’s very unlikely that the Yankees will not renew their affiliation with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

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2 Responses to Rochester Red Wings extend PDC with Twins to 2020

  1. Rob Hoffmann says:

    Aren’t the Yankees still 50% owners of Scranton/WB, meaning there’s no way they’re leaving, meaning the Nats are officially screwed?

  2. Mike McCann says:

    Yes, you are correct. I did update my list to indicate that the Yankees are still part-owners (I think I may have removed that when the last sale went through). So the Nationals are now forced to affiliate with a Pacific Coast League team. My best guesses would be they will end up in either Las Vegas or Nashville.

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