Upcoming Ballpark Trip!

In trying to complete my quest of visiting every major and minor league ballpark, I set a smaller goal of seeing the closest stadium that I have yet to see each season.  I’m actually a few seasons behind on that, but I’m working on catching up.  I was able to make some free time and I plan on seeing some games next week.  I will be doing a lot of driving, but I always enjoy the road trip.

Here is my plan:

Tuesday, August 28 – Hagerstown Suns at West Virginia Power 7:05

Wednesday, August 29 – Augusta GreenJackets at Lexington Legends 1:05

Wednesday, August 29 – West Michigan Whitecaps at Dayton Dragons 7:05

The West Virginia Power are now my closest team to see, so I had to include a game there.  But I also saw the afternoon game in Lexington, so I had to combine the two.  The tough part was adding the third game because Lexington and Dayton are about two hours apart and if I assume a game takes three hours, I would have a three hour window to make the trip.  It looks like I have an hour buffer, so hopefully I won’t have any issues, even though I do like to get to the game about an hour before it starts.  But three games in two days should be fun.  And if I can complete this, I can finally break the halfway point for teams seen.

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