New Team in Madison, AL will be Rocket City Trash Pandas

The new team in Madison, AL that will begin play for the 2020 season will be known as the Rocket City Trash Pandas.  It seems like I say this every time there is a name change, but this name is terrible.  I know that minor league baseball has the reputation for zany nicknames, but it does get ridiculous.  But if this allows them to sell more merchandise, it really doesn’t matter what the name is.  I’m a traditionalist who likes the basic nicknames that were used in the past and teams that are named after the cities where they play.  I can see cases during road games where fans make comments about how their team is playing Rocket City, and how that must be the team from the moon.  Trash Pandas is a reference to Raccoons, but I wouldn’t think that any team would like having the word ‘trash’ in its name.  This is what the fan vote produced, but if you have to wonder if that’s the most effective way to come up with team names.

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