Las Vegas 51s sign PDC with A’s to 2020; Fresno and Round Rock Changing Affiliates

The Las Vegas 51s have signed a player development contract with the A’s to 2020.  The last few cycles it was Las Vegas that was the last contract to be announced because of the poor facilities.  And now that they are getting a new stadium, it was the first affiliation change announced during this cycle.

The Fresno Grizzlies put out a story saying that they were changing affiliates, which means that they and the Astros decided to explore other options.  The Round Rock Express also said they are changing affiliates, so you have to think the Astros are going there and the Rangers would want to stay in Texas with the new San Antonio team.

If I had to guess how the rest of AAA plays out, it would be as follows:
Fresno – Brewers
Nashville – Nationals
Round Rock – Astros
San Antonio – Rangers

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