AAA Affiliation Announcements

Nashville Sounds sign PDC with Rangers to 2022
Fresno Grizzlies sign PDC with Nationals to 2020
San Antonio (former Colorado Springs Sky Sox) extend PDC with Brewers to 2020

So I was way off with my thoughts.  It appears that the mistake I made was that the Rangers didn’t want to play in San Antonio since there were no facility upgrades for the new AAA team and they would rather have their AAA team in Nashville with a fairly new facility.  The Brewers decided to stay with their affiliate as it moves from Colorado Springs to San Antonio.  And the odd man out is the Nationals who now have their AAA affiliate in Fresno.  Although it hasn’t been announced yet, Round Rock will be the Astros affiliate.

So looking forward to 2020, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more movement at the AAA level.  I don’t think the Nationals will enjoy having their AAA affiliate over 2000 miles away.

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