Florida Fire Frogs to play in North Port, FL in 2020

Somehow I missed this last month, but the Florida Fire Frogs will be playing in North Port, FL for the 2020 season.  The Fire Frogs lost their ability to play at Osceola County Stadium after the 2019 season because it is being converted to a soccer only facility.  So they are playing at the Atlanta Braves’ spring training facility in 2020.  Since it required the Charlotte Stone Crabs to waive their territorial rights, they are saying that they are only doing so for one season.  And since the Fire Frogs are one of the potential contraction candidates, they might not need a home after this season.

So in my previous attempts to say that the Florida Fire Frogs was a bad team name, it looks like they showed me because now they don’t have to change their name despite moving.  So I guess they can relocate anywhere in the state and keep that identity.  What do I know?

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