Hillsboro Hops extend PDC with Diamondbacks to 2016

The Hillsboro Hops have extended their player development contract with the Diamondbacks to 2016.  With the new stadium built last year, this isn’t a surprise.

It’s never too early to start conjecturing about PDC changes at the end of the year, so take a look at the change and let me know what you think could happen.

Here’s one to start with, there’s a good chance that the AAA affiliates of the Astros and Rangers are swapped this year.  So the Rangers would go to Oklahoma City and the Astros would go to Round Rock.  There’s talk that the Rangers would break their PDC to make this happen.


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One Response to Hillsboro Hops extend PDC with Diamondbacks to 2016

  1. Al says:

    It would be interesting if the PDC between the Rangers and Express were broken. The name “Express” comes from Nolan Ryan, of course, and since he stepped down from the Rangers’ front office and joined on with Houston this would make sense.

    I remember reading that Jim Crane was interested in purchasing the New Orleans Zephyrs in order to move them to the Houston suburbs, but Round Rock would be an even better plan. That would be good for the Astros’ franchise all around, especially as their youth movement is beginning to bloom.

    As far as other AAA conjecturing goes….I’m sure the Mets would prefer the in-state Red Wings to the crappy-stadium 51s, but Rochester seems to like the Twins. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something happen with New Orleans–maybe the Rangers will do what Jim Crane wanted to do and move them to Texas.

    I follow the Brewers’ system, and can tell you that all subtle verbal indicators suggest that the Crew will continue to be affiliated with both the Sounds and the new Biloxi franchise. In Single-A Advanced, Brevard County is move of a wild card–especially considering their stadium situation.

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